Coconut coconut coconut!

I first heard this call for coconuts from the beach vendors while lying on the Platje Barceloneta beach in Barcelona, Spain. They were walking around selling coconuts that had been cut open with a machete so that you could drink the delicious, fresh coconut water inside, just for 1€! I did not experience this treat at the time, but have since enjoyed fresh coconuts wherever else I’ve found them, and I encourage you to do the same!

My first fresh coconut, on Puerto Rico’s Playa Isla Verde
My first coconut on the beach in Puerto Rico
Fresh coconut cocktails with my dad in Punta Cana
Enjoying a coconut on Ti Top Island in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
Coconut water and local rum while hiking in Viñales, Cuba

So, how do you properly enjoy a fresh coconut? Begin by having the top cut off just enough to create a small hole so that you can access the coconut water. Use a straw to drink the water, then take your coconut back to the person with the machete who made the first cut and ask them to cut the coconut in half. Most locals will understand what you are requesting and will also create a spoon for you off the side of the coconut. At this point you can use your spoon or maybe even your fingers to pry the fresh fruit from its hard shell and eat it as a second snack.

Eating the coconut fruit after drinking the water by the pool in Costa Rica

I generally am not a coconut fan in the USA and will not buy pieces of hard coconut in the store; however, the experience with a fresh coconut is completely different and I urge you to try it at least once.

Enjoy!! 🥥

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