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As a travel blogger passionate about health, fitness and the finer things in life, I hope to use this site to share travel stories, advice, products, workouts, healthy food, and fashion finds with you!

I love planning travel almost as much as I love traveling itself, and have helped a number of friends plan trips around the world. From researching flights and accommodations to creating multi-day detailed itineraries, I am happy to help with whatever travel needs or questions you may have. Check out my suggested one-day itineraries in the blog, and contact me for more information!


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I’m Kelly, a full-time lawyer and part-time travel blogger, whose stories are based on 25+ years of global adventures. I hope you love my blog posts, which combine travel advice with some of my crazy travel stories! Don’t forget to find me on social media and subscribe to the newsletter below for content you won’t find anywhere else!

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