How to Visit Cuba as an American

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(N.B. this post only addresses requirements for the “Support the Cuban People” visa, which is one of twelve visas available for Americans traveling to Cuba. While part of this post addresses legal requirements, nothing written here should be construed as…

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Adventures in Havana

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Cuba has been my top bucket-list destination my entire life, and this past January I made that lifelong dream come true with a weekend in Havana! Most Americans think Cuba is off-limits for travel unless you have family living there…

Cruising to Bermuda

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Last October I joined some of my family members for a 7-day, 10-person family and friends cruise! My aunt, uncle, cousin and her family, and three family friends flew out to Boston from Chicago to embark on the Norwegian Cruise…

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Fitness in Boston

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There is no shortage of fitness options in this city! Boston is an epicenter of young professionals, and we certainly uphold the millennial stereotype of enjoying our studio classes and other workouts in the city. Outdoor Options Boston has many…

Getting to Boston

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So you want to visit Boston! I have lived in Boston for about 10 years, first as a student and now as a young professional, and I am so excited to share what I know about the city over the…

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